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The INTRAPATH project is an “Early stage training in infectious diseases involving intracellular pathogens” under the auspices of the Marie Curie FP6 framework.

The INTRAPATH is a single host programme coordinated by the Institut Pasteur.

The central goal of the INTRAPATH project is to train, at Institut Pasteur, junior investigators at the pre- doctoral level through a multidisciplinary program focused on the molecular and cellular biology study of intracellular pathogens, viruses and bacteria, and more generally on infections.

This programme is designed to provide a nurturing environment in which selected students can fully develop and express their intellectual, research talents, and teaching skills. Thus, the INTRAPATH PhD programme combines a specific research project with a coherent programme of formal coursework to prepare students for academic research, teaching, and biotechnology careers. The training for each student will involve specialised courses, in bacteriology or virology, dedicated to the study of intracellular pathogens, together with a high level immunology or cell biology course, so that their basic science theoretical training gives them a wide view of the field of intracellular pathogens. This multidisciplinary scientific training will be completed by training in complementary skills, including project management, communication and languages.

The programme seeks 8 PhD studentships for 36 months duration .


INTRAPATH Research Teams

The thesis supervisors and scientists from Institut Pasteur involved in this programme are internationally highly recognised experts in their field. They have successfully been training PhD students before. Several of them have organised and initiated high-level European courses for PhD students. These groups together represent a unique critical mass of expertise and knowledge to study intracellular pathogens.

For more information about the thesis supervisors and the proposed thesis projects see the positions available


Host institution

Institut Pasteur in Paris is worldwide recognised as a leader research institution in the field of infectious, parasitic and immune-system diseases. At is Parisian campus with almost 3000 individuals, Institut Pasteur brings together three fields of activity, namely research, education and public health. Research on infectious diseases represents the largest Institut’s effort.

Institut Pasteur has a long-lasting experience in monitoring data about infectious diseases and in providing advice an health policies pertaining to these diseases through the 20 French National Reference Centres and 8 WHO Collaborating Centres located on its premises and embedded within Research Units. In addition, the International Network of Institut Pasteur (RIIP) constitutes an original and autonomous body providing services in terms of monitoring infectious diseases throughout the world in collaboration with WHO.

For more information see the Institut Pasteur website